We at SAL team up with qualified and experienced professionals from the industry to offer corporate wellness programs. These are customized for an organizations Leader & Founder |Senior and Middle Management | Employees | Business Associates & Advisors

Theses L&D initiatives may be a part of a larger inhouse training programme or part of a team offsite or a continued series of planned workshops.

The programmes are  designed as a holistic approach to support and encourage employee well-being by creating an organizational culture of health, happiness, and productivity.

Our team of professionals include  business & life coaches, former Chiefs of The Indian Army, HR consultants, wellness experts, musicians , theatre artistes and industry leaders with a specialized area of focus.

With them we curate workshop on

Leadership , Team Building , Communication , Gender Diversity & Inclusion, Disability Diversity & Inclusion.

Environment Advocacy based on the brief received from the client

Some of the organizations for whom we have curated L&D programs include